Friday, September 11, 2009

Preliminary note 1: Basic information

As the first post, I will start only writing about the structure of future posts.

Future posts are going: to present some results of my ongoing research, to discuss about important linguistics issues on East Timor languages, to give good links which contain papers, projects, and other useful information, current projects, and any kind of news related to East Timor languages.

The following posts will continue with the blog strucuture talking about my theoretical point of view, basic information on East Timor, and current problems to be analyzed.

So, I give everybody welcome, and see you next post!

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aurelie said...

Congratulations on your initiative to create a blog on language studies in East Timor. For scholars, stakeholders, professionals and researchers, the articles and writings of Professor David fruits of their research work in the language area and targeted at both other scholars, it was necessary to exchange ideas and information that is complex linguistic Timor. I think this blog is just a start for a search path filled with success and recognition for the teacher Davi.Once more, Congratulations.