Saturday, September 12, 2009

Preliminary note 2: Choice of Language

I will talk about only the choice of the major language to be used on this blog.

I have chosen English language due to the main objective of mine which is to enable a large number of researches and people interested on East Timor Languages to present, to discuss, and to enable on web any kind of material.Thus, English language (as a world language) in my point of view is the best choice for this purpose.

Although English is the major language of this blog to make easier the communication process between people of different countries, sometimes I will post on Portuguese and Tetum as well, whenever I think it is necessary. Comments could be in any of those three languages (English, Portuguese, and Tetum) of course!

The following posts will discuss some problematic issues, such as: orthography, East Timor linguistic policy, bibliography available on web, and ongoing researches. But these issues will be only briefly presented as a set of parameter for the blog and to present some theoretical observations of mine.

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