Monday, February 15, 2010

East Timor Languages Documented – Part I

Previously (, I have written about East Timor languages. Several of them are seriously endangered and the worst thing is most of these languages are underdescribed, or even underdocumented.

Following I have elaborated a list of grammars and grammatical sketches that exists on East Timor languages. Another worth mentioned fact is that some of these publications are very hard to obtain, especially Timorese communities.

Language-Dialect           Grammar            Grammatical Sketch

Tetum Praça                            2                                         2

Tetum Terik                             x                                         1

Mambae                                    x                                         2

Galolen                                      1                                         1

Waima’a                                    x                                         1

Baikenu                                     x                                         1

Makuva                                     x                                         2

Bekais                                         x                                         1

Makasae                                     1                                         1

Fataluku                                     1                                         1

As we could see about 9 East Timor languages are documented, but some of these documentation are not well done, and some are barely available to an ordinary reader, or person interested. Furthermore, not all dialect varieties are contemplated as well. It was focused on one specific variety only.

On next post, I will try to review the above mentioned works, give a full reference of them, and discuss a little longer some of the above mentioned issues.

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